Making Migration Easy

Cloud Migration

Cloud is the current buzz word in Email Archive Migration and as well as many other software applications. Moving to a new archive cloud solution brings up many challenges for a company. How do we get our email archive data to the cloud? What options are there to migrate that data? The answer to your questions is PAMM. DataWave’s PAMM is the perfect solution to provide you with a fast, efficient, and cost effective method to move your archived email.

DataWave is currently working with Cloud partners to help clients get their email archived data migrated to the cloud. Using PAMM we can deliver .PST, .MSG, .EML files to readily send to the cloud.

The Solution

PAMM is the first 100% based software application to handle archived email migrations. Historically when companies had to decide what to do with their legacy archived data they had few options;

  • Issue: Leave it alone to expire in existing state.
  • Response: With archived data being kept longer and longer this is no longer an option
  • Issue: Manually Export the data to import into new system.
  • Response: Time consuming with no ability to track each object makes this not viable.
  • Issue: Hire consulting firm to export the data and import the data.
  • Response: Expensive and no object tracking for validation therefore is untrustworthy.

PAMM radically changes the concept around email archive migrations. There is now a solution that allows companies to migrate their legacy systems to the cloud in a confident, trusted, proven method that will allow them to retire their existing systems.

Data Wave provides up front consulting in helping you decide what Cloud solution is right for your next email archiving solution. We can share our experience with multiple platforms to assist you in finding the right solution to move your data quickly, while minimizing the effect on your network and productivity. We have the knowledge to analyze your environment and help you decide the best format to migrate your data. One email archive application does not fit all, fortunately for you, one migration solution does.

Contact Us today to set up a call with one of our consultants regarding the best solution for you. You can also download Data Sheets related to PAMM.

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