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DataWave Migration Best Practices

In considering on migrating to a new vendor, whether moving from one on-premise archive to another or going to the cloud, this process can appear daunting, DataWave has a history of making the process easy and efficient. Here are some best practices to consider to prepare for a migration.

Before Migrating:

Choose the right migration partner. DataWave migration solutions support s the majority of source environment and its unique archive content types. DataWave has the experience needed in a migration partner. It is beneficial to involve DataWave early in the planning phase.

Be realistic. Set reasonable time lines and budgets for completion of the project.

Maintain data integrity. The migration process should migrate the original items, associated metadata and archive attributes. Reports. Item level reporting is critical to maintain an audit trail for the data. Migration status reporting is important to managing the project and for communicating with key stakeholders.

Size the destination archive appropriately. It is critical to understand the amount and type of data that will be migrated. Maintain data availability. Provide end users access to archived content during and after the migration. Users such as legal teams will require access to archived content for discovery or hold requests. A migration should not cause disruption of access to the archive.

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