Email Archive Migration

DataWave solves the issues companies are facing with migrating their Email and Archives to the Cloud or On-Premise solution. DataWave's proprietary product PAMM automates the email archive migrations process. There is now a solution that allows companies to migrate their legacy systems in a confident, trusted, proven method that will allow them to retire their existing systems. DataWave's PAMM is deployed as a PaaS (Platform as a Service).

Compliance and regulations are requiring companies to keep more and more data. "Big Data" is driving companies to utilize eDiscovey to manage the costs to efficiently search Terabytes of data and manage company information. Deciding whether to stay on-premise or move to the cloud is driving many of the decision for change. Selecting the right migration partner will determine if the project is successful, on-time and on budget. DataWave products and partners specialize in helping companies take on these current email and archiving challenges.

DataWave's PAMM is the first 100% software based product for automating Email Archive Migrations. DataWave is capable of migrations from any on-premise email archive platform to On-premise or Cloud platform. DataWave automates the .PST, EML process to generate custom file sizes for Cloud migrations. Pay for only the data you want migrated, pricing based on actual GB's migrated.

Keys to Success:

  • Supports moving Exchange Mailbox and Journal archives between environments.
  • Full Preservation of Email message Data including meta data..
  • Delivers chain of custody and reporting for legal compliance.
  • Automated conversion to .PST, .EML, .MSG.
  • No end user interruption.
  • Non-invasive to the IT Staff .

Any to Any Migration

DataWave's migration process supports nearly all applications and storage migration scenarios. It is also built to be able to support all platforms. It leaves your data fully secured during the migration process and the end result leaves your data entirely searchable.

Hardware Requirements (Typical/Minimal Hardware)

PAMM Core Database Server -
32bit, 2x Quad Core CPU, 4 Gig RAM minimum, GigE, RAID, Windows 2003 and SQL 2000/2005. Microsoft SQL Server installation best practices are adhered to for local array/LUN separation of database, log, local back-up space.

PAMM Extraction Archive Transfer Agent (ATA) Server -
32bit, 2x Dual or Quad Core CPU, 4 Gig RAM minimum, GigE, RAID, Windows 2003 R2 with Anti-virus. Additional application servers will boost processing speed.

PAMM Temporary Storage -
1-3 TB of usable space if required to store archived objects temporarily.

More Information

Check out our Product Sheets and Technical Specifications for PAMM. If you have any further questions about PAMM or any of DataWave's Products and Services please Contact Us.


Formats Supported

  • Symantec Enterprise Vault, EV.Cloud
  • Microsoft Exchange and Office 365
  • EMC EmailXtender, SourceOne
  • Autonomy ZANTAZ EAS, Nearpoint
  • PST, .NSF, .EML, .MSG, .GWI files
  • C2C Archive One
  • Google Apps
  • ZL Unified Archive
  • CommVault
  • Quest Archive Manager

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